On the 24th of September the AGM voted to continue investigating the possibility of a merger with Advance Credit Union. As part of that process another resolution needs to take place within 28 days of that date.

We have booked a second meeting for Friday 22nd October at 12:00 noon to allow the members a second vote allowing the process of the possible merger to continue. The meeting will be held at:
Ladywood Community Centre - St Vincent Street West - Ladywood - B16 8RP

Members who are unable to attend the meeting can cast their votes by the following methods.
Credit Union offices Tuesday 19th and Friday 22nd October between 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m
Email: by sending an email to creditunionagm2021@gComparison ChartComparison Chartmail.com (please include your vote, full name and your membership number if you know it.
Text: by sending a text to 07311649677 (please include your vote, name and membership number..

All votes must be registered by 2:00 p.m on Friday 22nd October 2021
At the last meeting the member asked for a comparison chart showing the services we offer as compared to Advance (link to comparison chart)     

Comparison Chart Below

Circuleight Credit Union

Birmingham Inner Circle Community Credit Union
Ethical financial services for local people in inner city Birmingham


224-226 St Vincent Street West
Birmingham B16 8RP


Email: info@circuleight.com
Phone: 0121 454 0534                     

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